Connect Speech-to-Text


When using Connect, depending on your device functionality, you can enable speech-to-text to speak into your device's microphone and have it converted to text in any text field in Connect.

You can then enter your work notes, job descriptions, and other text information in Connect more quickly and efficiently by simply dictating them.

A screenshot of the Connect screen with a microphone available on the keyboard.

For a PDF version of this information, download the complete Connect Troubleshooting Guidelines PDF.

iOS devices

To use speech-to-text when using Connect on an iOS device, you can enable dictation in your device settings.

To enable dictation in an iOS device:

  1. Tap the Settings app on your device.
  2. In Settings, tap General > Keyboard.
  3. Scroll down to Enable Dictation, then tap the toggle button to enable it.
  4. In the warning pop-up message, tap Enable Dictation to continue.

A screenshot of toggle buttons in iOS settings that enable dictation.

Then, to use speech-to-text in Connect:

  1. Access the Connect app as normal.
  2. Navigate to the page with the text field you wish to complete.
  3. Tap inside the text field to allow your device keyboard to display.
  4. Tap the microphone icon.
    • If you have not enabled dictation in your device's settings, tap Enable Dictation in the pop-up message.
  5. Begin dictating the words that you want to appear in the field, then tap Done when you have finished.
  6. Adjust the text as necessary and proceed through your Connect workflow as normal.

The dictation functionality may only be available on specific iOS devices or versions.

Android devices

If you have installed the Google Keyboard app on your device and have made it your default keyboard in your device settings, you can enable 'Google voice typing' to have a microphone icon appear in your keyboard when you use Connect.