What's new in simPRO Enterprise: from 25 November 2018 AEST

VoIP Integration

You can integrate simPRO with a Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP) to make and receive phone calls in simPRO.

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Save and Finish

Now when you exit a people card file, workflow or other data entry, click Save and Finish to be taken to a nice new screen of options.

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A screenshot the Save and Finish button.


  • In the purchase orders table view, any bullet points you added to the description or notes fields weren’t displaying correctly. Now your lists will display the way you want them to.
  • For those who use Maintenance Planner, when the warning popped up to check if you really wanted to create jobs, the jobs were creating themselves anyway no matter what option you picked! Maintenance Planner is behaving properly now, and will wait to do as it’s told.
  • Sometimes when you tried to create a linked variation quote, it wasn’t letting you click the Options button. Now you can get back to your options again!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to access the catalogue and add items to quotes, jobs and purchase orders. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to save the retention final claim rebate amount after amending it because the amount reverts itself to 0%. All fixed!

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