What's new in simPRO Enterprise: from 16 December 2018 AEST

Report Builder

Experience a fantastic new array of reporting options for making more informed business decisions. This is the first one in a series of upcoming releases for the Report Builder.

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Non-billable schedule rates

Create and schedule non-billable schedule rates.

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  • The issue with cost centre description misalignment is now fixed! The title will now precede the description on any job form.
  • The importing customers feature was getting a bit defensive - it failed if the currency field in the import file was blank. Now, you’ll have no issues with customer import. Enterprise Only
  • Address lines in Form Builder were getting muddled up. All fixed! Enterprise Only
  • Job results not in correct order? Sometimes autocomplete results for the global search did not sort results by job numbers. Now they’re back on track.
  • Improved visibility in schedules for jobs / activities that are due to be completed one after the other.
  • Multi-company only: Drawn a blank? The Profit and Loss Summary was sometimes showing blank cost centres for multiple companies. Now you’ll see the relevant cost centres! Enterprise Only
  • Trouble finding groups and subgroups when exporting catalogues? We have improved the UI to take care of this issue!
  • The formatting for One Off items shouldn’t bother you anymore on Form Builder forms. We have handled them well! Enterprise Only
  • We’ve found a way to make the Quote Forms work as they should! Now, no error message will pop up when dealing with Description, Itemised W/ Prices, Itemised forms.
  • We’ve fixed up the issue of Work Complete Notes not coming through on Technicians Job card even when the block is included on the Forms Setup.
  • Some of the Supplier Order Credits were getting lost. Now you can find those easily when you perform a global search.
  • No more issues with moving the screen logging in on iPad to fill in test results for Contractor Portal. We’ve fixed it all! Enterprise Only
  • Negative values won’t create confusion when you Invoice Per Item. Now your invoices will display correctly. Enterprise Only
  • Access Quick Help for assistance while setting up your System Defaults and other System Setup options.

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