What's New in simPRO: from 6 January, 2019 AEST


  • Download the redesigned simPRO Gmail Integration extension for Google Chrome to easily add emails as notes to customers, leads Enterprise Only, quotes and jobs, without browsing away from the Gmail screen.

  • Sometimes you were encountering issues when editing a job open in multiple tabs, and the invoice total wasn’t correct. Now, when the invoice is created, it will recalculate all the items in the job.
  • The Manual View of the schedule was displaying schedule blocks out of order. Now your schedules in Manual View will be displayed in order of date and time.
  • Sometimes the overview text for schedules in Week View was white and difficult to read. Now the text is readable.
  • Sometimes importing site notes in html format was causing tabs within jobs to display incorrectly. Site notes can no longer be imported with html formatting.
  • When creating a multi-select option in an audit, html tags were showing up in the final PDF. All fixed! Now your audits are nice and clean.
  • Sometimes supplier invoices were doubling up when transferred to Xero. All fixed!
  • Deleting or modifying ActivityScheduleBlock through API was not working if the companies were in different timezones. All fixed!
  • Sometimes alerts for failed assets were sticking around even after the asset had been rectified. Now your rectifications for assets will help you tick off those alerts. Enterprise Only