What's new in simPRO: from 20 January 2019 AEST

Job Breakdown on Labour Productivity Report

Experience better visibility of calculations and additional filter options in the Labour Productivity Report.

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Search items in a stock take

Save your time using the new Search option to find instock items when performing a stock take or stock adjustment.

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  • We’ve fixed up how the Mobile Job Statuses behaved. Now, they won’t default to red and can be changed after you save.
  • The Form Builder Templates were freezing the system when extracting Custom Field Data. All fixed now!
  • We’ve managed to deal with the … button. Now, you can use it to sort the invoices and orders as paid/unpaid and pending / complete.
  • Adding billable items to a locked cost centre shouldn’t bother you any more. Now you’ll get an adjustment when adding your items.
  • The All jobs page just had a face-lift! It now shows page numbers for each of the stages in addition to the pending stage.
  • We’ve managed to get rid of the warning about the job being changed when you unassign stock into a different storage device.
  • Trouble showing Quotation marks in the Catalogue? We have changed it so you won't see any code instead of special characters.
  • Issues with allocating stock to jobs from your storage devices? All fixed now!
  • Adding Quote Description inside a text box in Form Builder won’t leave a tag on the generated form any more! Instead, the actual description will be added.
  • The invoices were getting a bit defensive - not taking into account updates to the job when you have multiple tabs open. Now the invoice totals will be accurate and won’t bother you any more!

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