What's new in simPRO: from 3 February 2019 AEST

Custom mobile statuses

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  • Open a locked version of a contractor invoice to view details without editing the invoice. Now multiple people can view a contractor invoice at once!


  • In the Profit/Loss Job report, invoice contractor actual costs were not displaying when filtering within the date range. Now your actual costs will actually show up!
  • Sometimes a default cost centre was being automatically assigned to customer cards when you didn’t want it to be. Now only you can select default cost centres for your customers.
  • Some jobs weren’t allowing you to invoice them if you had previously created and then voided an Invoice per item invoice. Now you can invoice to your heart’s content.
  • NZ only: When importing a supplier invoice file from PlaceMakers, the date format was getting scrambled up. Now your supplier invoices will be dated correctly.
  • UK only: CIS payments were sometimes populated with the wrong date. Now, if the proper date isn’t entered, it is populated with the invoice date.

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