What's new in simPRO: from 3 March 2019 AEST

Form Builder improvements

We’ve made some improvements to the Form Builder for quotes!

Use conditional fields to display specific content on forms when certain conditions are met. For example, only show a discount if there is a discount applied to the quote.

Include pre-build and catalogue item images on your forms.

Edit your forms and save revisions against a particular quote. You can save time when sending multiple versions of a form.

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A screenshot of the form builder.

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Report Builder improvements

Check out the new look for the Report Builder! Also, create reports from a wider range of data including invoiced jobs, invoices, invoiced items and payments.

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A screenshot of the mobile statuses in simPRO.

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Catalogue and supplier invoice syncing for Rexel / Ideal / John R Turks / Lear & Smith

AU only: If you use Rexel, John R Turks, Ideal or Lear & Smith as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time.

Google Calendar update

If you currently use the Google Calendar Integration, in the week of this release starting 5th of March you will receive an email with a link asking to re-authenticate your connection to Google Calendar. Google is transitioning all users from Google + to Google Sign-in which will require re-authentication to maintain your Google Calendar integration.


  • Components in a take off template were being jumbled out of order when added to a job. Now they should all stay in line.
  • Running the Back Order report for the last financial year was sometimes causing a fatal error. It’s all patched up now!
  • Sometimes the schedule was displaying an incorrect warning message that you were already editing a project. No more unnecessary errors.
  • The Update Materials button in the Stock tab was causing some issues in jobs. All fixed!
  • Sometimes, when importing customers, the country field was being skipped. Now you’ll know where your customers call home.
  • Opening and then closing the map in a schedule view was causing a loading loop. Now you can map your schedules without getting stuck.
  • Archived employees were hiding in the Job Productivity Report. Now their hours should be included, as long as they were active during the selected date range.

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