What's new in simPRO: from 31 March 2019 AEST

Form Builder Updates

  • Design your own templates for invoice and credit note forms in the improved Form Builder interface
  • Control which users are allowed to edit invoice templates before sending them to the clients
  • Include fields for signatures of your logged in employees / sales people
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Move multiple schedules blocks

In Day View, you can easily move a whole day’s worth of schedules to another day or another resource.

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A screenshot of the mobile statuses in simPRO.

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  • Sometimes the fields in your customer cards were getting confused, and a blank Postal Country field was automatically filling in with the customer’s user name. Now your customer details will stick to the right fields.
  • Invoicing a job with outstanding purchase orders was applying the incorrect status and trigger on the purchase order. Now your statuses will follow your triggers the way they are supposed to.
  • The part number in item entry catalogue orders had a mysteriously short character limit. We’ve increased the number, so your part numbers won’t be cut off.
  • Retention was not displaying correctly on forms when there were variations on the job. Now your retentions are back to normal.
  • The timesheet wasn’t always displaying the contact name for contractors. Now you’ll know exactly who carried out the work.
  • When editing a pre-build on a job, sometimes the pre-build wouldn’t retain its custom fields. Now you can edit a pre-build on a job, custom fields and all.

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