What's new in simPRO: from 5 May 2019 AEST

View asset transfer history

When you transfer assets from one site to another, this is recorded in the new Transfer History sub-tab.

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A screenshot of the Transfer History tab.

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See View asset transfer history

Bulk add service levels to assets

Save time updating service levels on customer assets by quickly adding service levels in bulk.

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A screenshot of service levels being added in bulk.

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See Specify service dates

Merge assets

Keep more accurate records and reduce clutter by merging together assets of the same type.

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A screenshot of an asset being merged.

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See Access customer asset options

Improved custom mobile statuses

You have more flexibility with your mobile statuses, including being able to delete the Rejected status and return the job stage to Pending.

Additional WIP report options

Effectively manage your cash flow in the WIP report by choosing to show the value of costs accrued since the last invoice. Additionally, filter jobs with a negative difference to easily see which jobs are costing you more than you’re billing.


  • We've improved the look of the finish actions after you click Save and Finish in the customer and contractor portals.
  • When sending an invoice, the customer’s default method wasn’t showing up, so you had to go into their card file to find it. Now the default method is back, saving you time when sending forms.
  • In the schedule, icons next to technicians weren’t showing the technician’s status. Now, simply hover over the technician’s name to view their status.
  • On request for claim forms, the email text for invoices was showing up instead of the email text for requests for claim. Now your emails should be correct.
  • Using the API to change the name on a site on a job was causing the job to lose the cost centre description and notes. All fixed!
  • The Annual System Condition Report wasn’t always including quotes created from Alerts. Now all the relevant quotes should show up in this report.
  • When viewing a scheduled Job Cost to Complete report, the columns and rows didn’t fit correctly on the page. All fixed!

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