What's new in simPRO: from 19 May 2019 AEST

Report Builder updates

New additions to the data that can be reported on, which includes Item Purchased, Recurring Invoices, Recurring Jobs, and assets added to jobs.

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Avoid accidental edits to main pre-builds

New procedure when editing pre-builds on a project to make sure the edits are not applied to other places where the pre-build is used.

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  • You will no longer have issues manually rearranging the order of employees in the Day View of a Schedule.
  • The Profit and Loss Summary Report wasn’t including some of the contractor invoices. All fixed!
  • The invoices that are generated against contractor work orders with retentions included will now have correct retention calculations.
  • If you backdated a supplier credit, stock wasn’t being removed properly and it was causing some inaccurate reporting. Now, your stock and reports will all be in order.
  • The tax calculations were messing up when you first used Claim per Item and then regular Progress Claims. Now customers are charged the exact tax amount every time!
  • We’ve found a way to make the default labour rates work as they should! Now, only the correct labour rates will be available for jobs.
  • The retention amount on previously claimed invoices was re-calculated when contractor job invoices were loaded, which changed the figures. Now, this issue won’t bother you anymore!
  • We’ve made sure the columns and rows for scheduled (Job Cost to Complete) report PDF fit correctly on the page.
  • Previously the Asset Test column in Report Builder wasn't as clear as it could be. Now all fields make perfect sense.

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