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Inactive Catalogue Items Report

Keep your catalogue clean by finding and archiving items that you don’t use very often.

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  • For API users, you'll now be informed automatically of changes in simPRO by subscribing to WebHooks.


  • In the Forms tab of invoices, tags from the job were not being included in the email when Send Without Form was set to On. Now your job tags will come through.
  • Customers using the customer portal weren’t receiving emails for booked jobs. Now your emails will make it through.
  • When a customer had a large number of sites, this was causing the customer portal to become unresponsive when using the site drop-down list. All fixed!
  • Sometimes retention claims were showing negative GST on PDF forms. We’ve fixed this up - unfortunately, the taxman doesn’t owe you any money!
  • In the customer table view, the Total Owing Column was calculating late payment fees twice and displaying incorrect values. Now you’ll get the right figures in this column.
  • When creating a form from a Form Builder template, font sizes for scripts weren’t always coming through. Now your scripts will be the right sizes on the final form.

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