What's new in simPRO: from 29 July 2019 AEST

Inherited service levels in assets

If you use Maintenance Planner and have organised your assets in parent-child relationships, child assets can now inherit the parent’s service levels.

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A screenshot of the Service Levels tab in a customer asset.

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See How to Use Nested Assets.

Add assets to Form Builder forms

Add asset fields to your quote and invoice form builder templates.

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A screenshot of the asset fields available in Form Builder.

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See Add asset fields

More automatic syncing

Tradelink (Australia only) and Mico (New Zealand only) both now provide automatic syncing. Connect your simPRO build to your supplier’s online account, and receive updated catalogue items and supplier invoices automatically, without the need for manual importing.


  • For those of you with multi-company, sometimes creating a new company was causing your assets to get moved to the template company. Now your assets should stay put.
  • On audit forms, both the company PDF background and the form's PDF background were being applied. Now your audits will only have the one background.
  • In the invoice forms created in the Form Builder, sometimes your build’s default banking details were showing up even when the customer card had its own payment method. Now your customer card payment methods will overwrite your default payment methods when appropriate.
  • In the Assigned Stock Report, if the same part was receipted at different prices, and assigned on different dates it shows on separate lines. Now the right parts will all be on the same line.
  • Printing the screen when inside a job was cutting off the job or cost centre number. Now your printed jobs will be intact.

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