What's new in simPRO: from 11 August 2019 AEST

CIS Monthly Returns Report - UK only

CIS Monthly Returns Reports now display the contractor invoice numbers.

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A screenshot of the CIS Monthly Returns Report.

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Open Multiple Invoices

Keep multiple invoices open simultaneously to save time and for easy navigation in simPRO.

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A screenshot of the asset fields available in Form Builder.

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  • In Gmail or Outlook integration, attaching an email as note to a job popped up a validation error. We've fixed it to work in coordination.
  • Footnote sizes not matching up? The font sizes and spacing are now back on track within the footnote lines!
  • Trouble with locating sites on maps? The location pin on maps in simPRO was pointing at different places for the same address. Now, it won’t misguide you any more.
  • Create as many copies of an asset as you want! All issues with Copy Asset functionality are now fixed.
  • The struggle to access tasks in the Employee Portal ends now! We have patched up the issue.
  • Pending invoices could be sent to clients even when the Restrict Unapproved Invoices check box was selected. This issue is now resolved!
  • All problems with incorrect display sizes of postal and street addresses on quotes generated using Form Builder are now taken care of and won’t bother you.

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