What's new in simPRO: from 25 August 2019 AEST

Taxify integration

Easily calculate sales tax on jobs, quotes, recurring jobs and recurring invoices using Taxify. Once integrated with simPRO, Taxify uses your simPRO site addresses to find the correct tax rate and then calculates and applies the correct sales tax.

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Tax change by date

Be prepared for future changes to tax rates by selecting a Tax Rate Effective Date ahead of time.

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See Change tax code rate

Asset tree view

With the asset tree view, easily see which assets are related and, with Maintenance Planner, see which assets are inheriting service levels from other assets.

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See How to Use Nested Assets

Cetnaj automatic syncing

Cetnaj (Australia only) now provides automatic syncing. Connect your simPRO build to your supplier’s online account, and receive updated catalogue items and supplier invoices automatically, without the need for manual importing. Automatic syncing is currently only available with certain branches. Contact your local branch for information.


  • Jobs weren’t showing up in the Profit/Loss Job report when fully invoiced and set to Pending or Progress. Now the report will include all the right jobs.
  • When creating a site in the customer portal, booking a job wouldn’t work and you would have to reselect the site. All fixed!
  • If a quote was above your approval limit, but had been approved, you couldn’t edit the description or notes. Now you can still edit your approved quotes.
  • When importing a supplier credit, the system was not crediting the correct quantity, causing the difference to be added to a tax adjustment on the receipt, to reach the credit total. Now your imported supplier credits will add up.
  • When applying a payment in POS, a cash rounding error sometimes displayed even when cash rounding was turned off. Now your rounding should be error-free.
  • Archiving and then reactivating a catalogue item that is an Asset, was triggering an alert to create the assets from every previously receipted order in simPRO. Now you won’t be bothered by incorrect alerts.
  • Recurring schedules weren’t letting you remove them in bulk. Now you can easily clean up your schedules.
  • If you have a multi-company build, sometimes a stock take could be raised in one company for an item in a different company. Now you won’t have any cross-company confusion.
  • When adding tags to a lead, the drop-down list was showing tags non-alphabetically. Now your tags should be back in the right order.
  • Sometimes auto-adjust was causing quotes to lose their status codes. All fixed!
  • When adjusting the settings for the barcode form, the labels for the horizontal gap and vertical gap fields were swapped around. Now you can edit your barcode forms without any troubles.

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