What's new in simPRO: from 22 September 2019 AEST

Work order attachments

Managing contractor documentation just got easier! Contractor work order attachments can now be viewed in the Contractor Portal, and attachments can be uploaded directly to work orders and emailed out with contractor invoices.

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A screenshot of the attachments in a contractor job Forms tab.

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Invoice completed contractor work orders

You can create invoices for contractor work orders in the Completed stage, in addition to the Pending and Progress stages and view all your invoiced work orders in the new invoiced contractor work orders table.

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A screenshot of the Invoice option in the Complete Contractor Jobs table.

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See How to Manage Contractor Invoices


  • If you try to bulk invoice contractors with different CIS rates, you’ll receive a warning.


  • When opening an invoice, then applying a payment, the balance in the Details tab wasn’t updating until you clicked Finish. Now your balance will update straight away!
  • Initial Imports from Xero weren’t creating individual customers when pulling Xero contacts over to simPRO. Now you’ll be getting all your customers, instead of just the companies.
  • Sometimes in jobs, the site address was not showing up properly on the map. Now you won’t lose your way.
  • Form Builder templates and forms were updating the pricing every time the exchange rate for a currency is updated. Now the pricing should only update when the invoice is raised and the cost centre is locked.
  • Adding a schedule block through the scheduler was moving the schedule block to the previous day. Now your schedule blocks should stay put.
  • Invoices with prepaid time were showing up incorrectly in the accounting link, some dating back as far as 2017. All fixed!

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