What's new in simPRO: from 20 October 2019 AEST

Square payments

Save time and money processing online payments with Square, and give your customers a wider range of options processing payments.

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Order from the unassigned stock report

Easily order unassigned items to the relevant jobs from within the unassigned stock report.

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A screenshot of the Unassigned Stock report.

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See Unassigned Stock Report.


  • The cost price of items was changing when an item was unassigned from a job after being assigned by purchase order. Now your cost prices will stay consistent.
  • Adding a one off item to a take off template was causing an error. All fixed!
  • In job, the labour rates in the drop-down list were wrong and did not match what is in System Setup. Now you’ll have all the right labour rates.
  • When invoicing the remaining retention held on a work order, simPRO was mistakenly trying to invoice the total retention value. Now it accounts for the retention you have already invoiced.
  • The Job Created Date wasn’t populating on the Picking Slip Form. Now it’s back!

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