What's new in simPRO: from 03 November 2019 AEST

Import Stock Takes

New import stock take functionality for an improved stock management experience for simPRO users.

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Manage Stock from Catalogue

  • Manage storage locations of individual catalogue items
  • Set minimum stock levels and restock levels for items from within the catalogue
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A screenshot of the Calculate option in the breakdown table.

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Labour Productivity Report

Avoid any confusion by differentiating the sum totals and average totals displayed in the report.

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  • Couldn’t change retention figures on previous progress claims after a retention claim was created? Now, you can adjust the retention figure on progress claims, and reduce the final claim rebate when after a retention claim has been created.


  • Some of your customers were seeing invoices in the customer portal before you approved them. Now your unapproved invoices will stay hidden.
  • Stock values and quantities were showing in reports based on creation date. Stock reports now show results based on the stock take approval date.
  • When downloading a CSV file from Maintenance Planner, customers and sites with commas in their names were causing problems. Now your downloaded data looks nice and neat.
  • UK only: When set to exclude tax in form totals, PDF forms weren’t showing a tax breakdown at all. Now you can see all your taxes, even if they aren’t in the totals.
  • Importing large payments for over 100 invoices from QuickBooks, only the first 100 were paid. Now all your payments will come through.
  • When scheduling from the job setup page, the Help me Decide option was not taking into account activity blocks. Now you can schedule without disrupting activities.
  • When trying to email a large attachment, the OK button on the warning message wasn’t working. Now you can dismiss the warning and get back to work.
  • In the Job Activity Report, supplier credits were not being filtered by the report date. Now your supplier credits will line up with the right dates.

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