What's new in simPRO: from 17 November 2019 AEST

Multiple assignees on tasks

Assign tasks to multiple employees to get them completed faster. Also, you can choose to disable email notifications if you don’t need them.

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  • In quotes, the Help Me Decide sometimes put the technicians in a random order. Now Help Me Decide actually helps by ordering technicians by travel time.
  • Catalogue item custom fields were not displaying on invoice form templates. Now your custom fields are back where they belong.
  • Sometimes quote templates were running into trouble when being emailed.
  • Trying to print the CIS Reports for two different contractors was causing an error. All fixed!
  • In Form Builder, the Part Name field was displaying in a different font when using one-off items. Now your fonts should match up.
  • The MYOB accounting link was shortening accounting categories to 10 characters. Now you can have up to 30 characters in your accounting categories.
  • Importing supplier credits with negative values was causing an error. Now your imports should work smoothly.
  • Schedule blocks were able to be deleted even if they had an associated job cards. Now job cards will prevent schedule blocks from being deleted.
  • When importing a supplier invoice with apostrophes in the part number, part of the part number goes missing. Now you can be sure that your part numbers will stay intact.
  • Sometimes you couldn’t open an invoice to edit the CIS amount. All fixed!
  • In Report Builder, void invoices were displaying as 'false' in the Credit column. We’ve added a new Voided column to make the invoice type clear.
  • Sometimes a warning was showing up for outstanding credits of $0. All fixed!

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