What's new in simPRO: from 01 December 2019 AEST

Job Completion Date

New field in job settings to record when the job was completed.

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Job Completion Report

Easily identify the time taken to reach various milestones in the job completion process.

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Contract Profitability Report

Compare profitability of multiple contracts and know additional details about any contract.

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  • We have improved stock take imports to assist with keeping stock levels accurate. Stock takes can no longer be imported for future dates.
  • Trouble with converting a quote that has Additional Customers, to a job? All fixed now!
  • To make sure new individual customers are no longer saved as company customers, the First Name and Last Name fields are now mandatory when creating a new Individual Customer.
  • No more issues with dispatching work orders to the contractor's simPRO build.
  • The paid stamp was missing from invoice forms when applying a payment from within the invoice, we’ve put it back where it belongs.
  • Viewing a credit note in a Form Builder template was causing your build to get stuck. All fixed now!
  • We’ve managed to deal with the Form Builder fields that did not display correctly when used in the templates.
  • The Retrieve new Payments from QuickBooks button was having issues, these are now resolved and once again new payments can be retrieved from QuickBooks.
  • Actual Hours are now correctly shown for jobs in the In Progress and Pending stages.
  • We've added Response Time and Response Due as columns to the table view for Pending and Progress Jobs, making job management easier!

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