What's new in simPRO: from 26 January 2020 AEST

Single database for contacts

Organising your contacts for customers, sites and suppliers is easier than ever with a single contact database.

When creating a new contact on a lead, quote or job, you had to create separate contacts for the customer and site. Now you can use the same contact for both.

You can also send quote and job forms to all of your contacts associated with the sites and customer.

Additionally, for clients using simPRO SMS you can now quickly search through your entire contacts database to find the right mobile number.

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A screenshot of a newly created contact.

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View supplier part numbers on purchase order receipts

The supplier part numbers for each catalogue item are now included on purchase order receipts. Save time on cross-referencing large orders.


  • Creating a retention claim for a job with voided credits was causing the tax to be miscalculated. Now you know you have the right tax on your retention claims.
  • Entering a lot of numbers in a contract value was causing issues, so now you can’t enter a value of more than 10 digits.
  • In Multi-company builds that don’t share catalogues, copying a job from one company to another was causing items to end up in the wrong company. Now your catalogues won’t get mixed up.
  • The Technician Notes Report wasn’t accurately displaying who created the note and who was assigned to the note. Now the Submitted By and Assigned To columns should tell you exactly what you need to know.
  • In the Jobs table, the formatting from the job description wasn’t showing up properly in the table view. All fixed!
  • Phone numbers were not appearing as mandatory fields when they should have been. All fixed!

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