What's new in simPRO: from 16 February 2020 AEST

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Fresh, new look for simPRO!

We’ve updated the colour scheme, streamlined the table views and freshened up the buttons to bring you an updated simPRO design. This is an initial step towards aligning simPRO with the industry’s best practices and improving the user experience.

During this first stage of simPRO’s planned UI/UX changes, there is no impact to any of your normal workflows. Also, all items on any simPRO page are still in the same place and their functionality remains unchanged.

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A screenshot of the View Statement button.

Catalogue and supplier invoice import for Cooks Plumbing

AU only: Cooks Plumbing now has simPRO-formatted catalogue and supplier invoice import files, so you can save time matching fields when importing.

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A screenshot of a newly created contact.

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  • Stuck with a fatal error when trying to export two invoices to your accounting package via the Transactions Waiting for Export option? All fixed now.
  • Payments created on invoices by applying credits via the Customer Statement can now be deleted, returning the credit to apply to another invoice.
  • You could access any jobs through the corresponding invoices, regardless of which cost centres were assigned to your security group. We’ve tightened things up, now you can only go where your security group allows!
  • No more discrepancy in the tax amounts on the simPOS-generated and simPRO-generated invoices. We’ve fixed it all!
  • In a Multi-company build with no shared customers, each company will now only have access to its respective asset types, custom fields, and list options.
  • Progress claims were not displaying the correct claim number in Form Builder templates. We have resolved this to ensure that each claim now has the correct number!
  • Sorting stock in a storage device by storage location not reordering the table? Now, it’s all set to follow your orders!
  • All issues with converting a quote, that has additional customers, to a job are now fixed! Once again, easily create jobs by converting any quote.
  • We've managed to deal with the incorrect final rebate amounts on invoices. Now calculating the final rebate on an invoice will take into account all previously claimed final rebates.
  • Issues with ordering the jobs lists based on their stages? Now you can click the column header to reorder the table based on your preference.
  • Sometimes you couldn’t unlock or remove two activity blocks scheduled on top of each other? All fixed!
  • All issues around copying and pasting schedule blocks are now resolved. No more error messages will pop up to hinder your workflow.

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