What's new in simPRO: from 23 February 2020 AEST

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Automated invoicing

Save time and streamline your processes by setting up automated invoicing for your recurring invoices. Instead of creating and sending invoices manually, simPRO can send your invoices for you according to the settings on the recurring invoice template.

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A screenshot of an automated recurring invoice.

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See How to Create Recurring Invoices.

Automatic syncing for Electrical Distributors

Automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing is available for Electrical Distributors.

Search employees in tasks

You can use the Assigned To field in tasks to search for employees instead of having to scrolling through the list.


  • When applying a payment after emailing the form, the invoice status was not properly updating to Fully Paid. Now your invoice statuses will be accurate.
  • Changing the date on an existing supplier credit, wasn’t reflecting on the Job Activity Report. Now the Job Activity Report should display the correct date.
  • The Advanced Search in the catalogue wasn’t letting you filter by storage location. All fixed!
  • Invoices were not showing up in the Commission Report if they had one payment for multiple invoices. All fixed!
  • The user log wasn’t showing anyone using simPOS. Now you can view and log out POS users as well as anyone using simPRO.
  • In the Job tables, invoiced stage contractor work orders weren’t showing up under the More Info button. Now they’re back where they belong.
  • If you created a negative value work order, the Invoice option was missing from the Options list. All fixed!
  • The Site Name field on a consolidated invoice was only showing the first site instead of all sites included on the invoice. Now you can see the full list.
  • In the Customer Portal, assets weren’t loading correctly when booking a job. Now your assets are back where they belong.
  • The Due Time field on jobs wasn’t letting you clear the time and leave it empty. Now you’ll have no problem if you want to leave the due time blank.
  • When using simPRO on an iPad, you weren’t able to insert scripts. Now your scripts are iPad-compatible.
  • Converting to a multi-company build was messing with MMEM automatic syncing. Now your automatic imports should work smoothly.
  • If you had selected tax-inclusive in your system setup, item entry orders were sometimes still adding extra tax for items. Now you can be sure your tax calculations are accurate.
  • Company-type customers were being created as site contacts when added to simPRO. Now only contacts added manually and individual-type customers are created as site contacts.

Learning Toolbox

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