What's new in simPRO: from 22 March 2020 AEST

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

Original schedule time

Earlier, if a technician recorded time different than the time they were originally scheduled, the original schedule time was lost when the job card was approved. The original schedule time is now available along with the actual schedule time on the job card and job card forms.

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Schedule Comparison Report

Use this report to refer and compare what was originally scheduled to an employee to the actual work performed. The schedule discrepancies, if any, will be highlighted. In this way, you can track the employee performance and compare against the original estimations.

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A screenshot of a the Rexel import in the list.

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See Schedule Comparison Report

Schedule Breakdown Report

Use this report to reconcile employee activity in a detailed format. The report data can also assist you with timesheets, enabling references to schedules for both past and future date ranges. Additionally, you can get a list of schedules for a particular job across multiple cost centres.

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A screenshot of a the Rexel import in the list.

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See Schedule Breakdown Report


  • You’ll no longer see incorrect contracts on the schedule blocks in the day and week views.
  • Now if you do not select the default setting for Restrict Unapproved Orders, the Forms tab will always appear.
  • The consolidated invoice form was not converting the AUD totals to corresponding totals in relevant foreign currencies as per the Customer Card Currency. All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed the exporting invoices issue in multi-company builds! Now, any user can no longer view or export invoices and payments from other companies.
  • When exporting invoices via the Transactions Ready For Export Report, invoices for jobs with retention were messing up, showing Job Totals instead of the Invoice Totals. Now they’re back on track.
  • Fatal error message in the Asset List Report? You can now select multiple Date Custom Fields to retrieve the Asset List Report.
  • You do not have to deal with anonymous pre-builds any more! Now, this mandatory field should work correctly.
  • You’ll no longer have any discrepancy between font sizes set in the Description WYSIWYG box and the form templates you view from Form Builder.
  • Trouble with accessing pages of Automatic Import Logs for supplier invoices beyond the first page? All fixed now!
  • Now inserting scripts in a letter form on quote or job, should display all details from the Insert Fields. The issue is now resolved.

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