What's new in simPRO: from 3 May 2020 AEST

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Go Electrical (AU) automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing

Go Electrical now supports automatic syncing, so your catalogue pricing will stay up to date and you’ll receive supplier invoices directly in simPRO.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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Combining Catalogue and Item Entry Purchase Orders

You can now add non-catalogue items to catalogue purchase orders, so you can include all of your required items in one order instead of creating a separate item entry order.

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A screenshot of a purchase order with the Add New Item button.

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See How to Create a New Catalogue Order

Account Per Line Item

We’ve given you more flexibility by letting you select a separate income account for each line item on a job. Also, customise the columns visible in the parts and labour tables with Modify Table View.

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A screenshot of the chart of accounts in System Setup.

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See How to Set up Chart of Accounts

Invoice Income Summary Report and Income Account Summary Report

See what values are going where in your accounting package with the new Income Invoice Summary Report and Income Account Summary Report.

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A screenshot of the Income Invoice Summary report.

View more information about contractor work orders

In the job log, view when contractor work orders were created or deleted, in the activity timeline you can see when work orders are created, and in the notes in the contractor card, you can view when work orders are emailed. You can also use the new ‘A work order has been dispatched’ automatic trigger to update statuses.

Update to the new look!

The new simPRO look is now the default for all users. If you need to switch back to the previous look, just go to the System menu and click Back to previous look.


  • Scheduled reports were not displaying in the correct format. Now we’ve got them fixed up.
  • When editing user credentials in the customer portal, the check marks weren’t showing up in check boxes when clicked. Now you’ll know what you’ve selected.
  • Stock takes weren’t letting you order the storage location column alphanumerically. Now you can reorder your stock takes as you like.
  • Multi-currency invoices were displaying a warning if you tried changing the dollar value on the credit to over a certain amount. All fixed!
  • The custom fields for plant types were not appearing in the plant builder, but are appearing against the plant items. Now they’re back where they belong.
  • (UK only) The CIS amount was not calculating correctly on invoices. All fixed!
  • In the catalogue, setting a markup for the whole group or subgroup was not allowing you to select a markup of 0%. Now you have full control of your group and subgroup markups.
  • Monetary limits on purchase orders were causing receipted purchase orders to move back to pending. Now your approved purchase orders will stay approved.
  • Sometimes new purchase order numbers were defaulting to the approved status, even when they were supposed to be left as pending. All fixed!
  • In the quote details form, the optional cost centre was appearing below the footnote instead of starting on a separate page. Now your quote details form will have the right layout.
  • Quote detail forms were sometimes adding extra lines after some inclusions / exclusions. Now your inclusions and exclusions will be formatted correctly.

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