What's new in simPRO: from 24 May 2020 AEST

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Task dates for Gantt Charts

Creating tasks for the Gantt Chart is now more intuitive! We’ve enhanced the way the task dates are set in Gantt charts so that the due date marks the end of the task while it's in progress, and the completed date marks the end of the task once it's complete.

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Import storage locations and stock levels

Previously, updating Minimum Stock Levels, Restock Levels and Storage Locations was a time consuming process as you had to do that manually for each item. We’ve introduced a new time-saver functionality which allows you to import Minimum Stock Levels, Restock Levels and Storage Locations for existing catalogue items.

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Automatic Syncing for Reece

AU and NZ only: If you use Reece as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time.

Units of Measurement Symbols

Considering better visibility for purchasing, selling and using products, we’ve added unit of measurement symbols to display square and cubic measurements against part quantities in a range of areas in simPRO. This feature is aimed to benefit multiple simPRO users including business owners, administrators and technicians / contractors.

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A screenshot of a the Rexel import in the list.

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  • You’ll no longer see incorrect tax amounts calculated on Progress Claims.
  • You do not have to deal with the issue of cost centre stages not getting updated properly when job cards are being submitted as Completed via Connect.
  • Generic supplier invoice importing was combining line items with the same part numbers into one causing issues for items that have different pricing. All fixed!
  • Hidden employees? When sending SMS you’ll now be able to see the entire list of employees.
  • Names gone missing! We’ve fixed the issue of missing names in pre-builds which is meant to be a mandatory field.
  • We’ve made sure the quote status updates as 'quote created awaiting completion’ when a lead is converted to a quote.
  • Setting a custom Payment Date ahead of the invoice issued date was getting changed after saving the invoice. Now all the set dates should cooperate.
  • Trouble with the Contract Profitability report results! You’ll no longer encounter incorrect figures for consolidated invoices for the same customer with multiple contracts.
  • Can’t retain updated titles on a Contact card? Now they’re back on track.
  • We’ve fixed the email address recognition feature for Gmail Integration! You can now find a contact or customer using email addresses regardless of capitalisation.
  • When a quote was converted to a job, the job status wasn't always updating to the correct status. Now your jobs will have the correct status!

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