What's new in simPRO: from 31 May 2020 AEST

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Lock Archived Jobs

Take control of your jobs - If archived job restrictions are enabled then those jobs are read-only and can no longer be scheduled.

Allow only certain users the ability to move archived jobs with a new security group permission. Existing schedules for archived jobs cannot be unlocked or edited when archived jobs are restricted.

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A screenshot of the Restrict Archived Jobs option.

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NZ: More automatic syncing

Save time on manually importing catalogues and supplier invoices and set up automatic syncing for Active Electrical, IES, Telfers and Scotts.

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Merge purchase orders

Reduce the time spent receipting multiple purchase orders for the same supplier by merging purchase orders together.

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A screenshot of purchase orders being merged.

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  • Previously, any new employees and contractors you create would show up in your list of resources while scheduling, and only disappear after 30 days of not being scheduled. Now, new employees will be removed from the list of resources after 3 days unless they are actually scheduled.
  • You can now see how many tasks, attachments, cost centres, variations, work orders, purchase orders and invoices are associated with the open quote or job without opening the tab, with the new badge icon.
  • When converting a single lead, quote, recurring job or recurring invoice, you can now open the new record straight away without navigating through simPRO’s menu.
  • When assigning stages to automatic mobile triggers, if you select a project stage but no status, a warning prompts you to select a status.
  • When you upload attachments to simPRO, you can now view the date when this attachment was added.


  • In the customer portal, sometimes changes you made in the setup weren’t saving. Now your changes will stay.
  • If you had security groups set up with business groups, this was sometimes causing errors while viewing job reports. Now your job reports will work normally.
  • The Sales Invoices report was showing incorrect values when retention was on an invoice. All fixed!
  • The Cost to Complete report was showing a different Actual Nett Margin % based on date entered. Now your margins will be correct regardless of date.
  • The Profit & Loss Summary Report was not showing variances of contractor invoices. Now these variances are included.
  • In the purchase orders table, sometimes you weren’t able to raise receipts. All fixed!
  • Items were not showing up on the Items Sold report if the item was credited on an invoice. Now all your items will be included.
  • When a quote was in read-only mode, emailing or printing the quote was not triggering the relevant status. Now your triggers will work, even in read-only mode.
  • Restoring a build from a backup was sometimes causing issues. All fixed!
  • Restoring a build from a snapshot was not removing catalogue items that had been imported after the snapshot. All fixed!
  • The Asset Defect Report in the customer portal, was displaying old job numbers and test dates. Now the report will be up to date.
  • In invoices, selecting a Primary Contact in the Forms tab was not actually filling in the email address. Now your selected contacts will have their details prefilled.
  • When you created a new purchase order, sometimes the default supplier was not being added automatically after the first line item. All fixed!

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