What's new in simPRO: from 14 June 2020 AEST

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Profile photos for technicians

Upload profile photos to your employee and contractor cards to display on the simPRO service dashboard, making it easier to view the location of all your technicians on the map. You can opt to add the profile photos to table views and email notifications.

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View column headers on scroll

Previously, when viewing a table or report with a large amount of data, the column headers disappeared as you scrolled down making it difficult to understand the column data. Now the column headers remain at the top of the screen even when you scroll down so you can easily check the column to which the data belongs.

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Pop-up to open new objects

Save the extra navigation time in simPRO to find the newly created records. Previously, when you created a new record from existing work, for example, a quote from a lead or an invoice from a recurring invoice, you had to manually navigate to access this new record. Now, a pop-up will be displayed to allow you to open the new work as soon as it is created.

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A screenshot of a the Rexel import in the list.

Hourly Allowance (US: Prevailing Wages)

To enhance the complex process of using Schedule Rate Multipliers, we've introduced the ability to set up quick and easy hourly allowances in simPRO. You can now apply correct wages to the job and track costs easily and accurately. Fundamentally the Hourly Allowances and Prevailing wages have the same functionality in simPRO, however based on country-specific regulations, you can apply them as required to pay your technicians.

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  • Audit questions not in correct order when rearranged? Now they’re back on track.
  • The issue with the Item Entry Purchase Orders setting the minimum pack quantities of the items to the amount entered on a Purchase Order is now resolved.
  • We’ve found a way to fix the issues with merging quotes.
  • Sometimes the Job stage was not moving to the Progress stage as per the Automatic Triggers and Job Log. All fixed!
  • You’ll no longer face trouble saving the Job Notes and Description. We’ve fixed it all!
  • The employee who converted a quote to job was inconsistently displayed within the logs and activity timeline of the job and quote. Not any more!
  • Trying to add in risks / hazards or control measures to the SWMS audits? Now all your additions will be there in place!
  • The Annual System Condition report only displays contracts in the results and not the customers? We’ve brought those customers out of hiding.
  • When you add a Non-Billable One Off Item to a cost centre that has been locked, and change the Tax Code on the One Off Item, it reverts back to the Default Tax Code when saved? Now there won’t be any such hurdles!
  • The Taxify calculate function won’t display an error message when using tax exempt items. We have handled it well!
  • When using MYOB accounting link, some supplier invoices and customer invoices were exported twice. Now you won’t run into any errors.

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