What's new in simPRO: from 28 June 2020 AEST

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MYOB accounting link supports MYOB Essentials

simPRO now supports integration with MYOB Essentials. Set up the accounting link in simPRO to send simPRO transactions to MYOB Essentials.

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A screenshot of the Accounts Integration tab, with MYOB selected.

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See How to Set Up the MYOB Accounting Link

NZ only: Automatic supplier invoice syncing for Ideal Electrical

Automatic supplier invoice syncing is now available for Ideal Electrical.

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A screenshot of suppliers with catalogues available to import.


  • Scheduled reports will now show an error log when the report fails to send along with an error message.
  • The Project Scheduled Date insert field for notifications will now be Project Scheduled Date Range, and a new insert field, Project Scheduled Start Date will also be available.
  • Attachments will record the name of the employee who uploaded it.
  • Various improvements to the catalogue and purchase orders.


  • When you added a take off template to a quote or job with labour types that are not in the customer card, the first labour type on the customer alphabetically was added instead. Now the right labour type will be added.
  • Using item entry in a purchase order was applying the wrong tax. Now the right tax will be applied.
  • The Scheduled Unassigned Stock reports wasn’t generating any results. Now the report is up and running again.
  • The customer portal wasn’t letting you add a large number of sites to contact. Now you can add all the sites you want.
  • When applying a consolidated payment, it was not applying to all invoices selected to be paid. Now your payments will apply properly.

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