What's new in simPRO: from 12 July 2020 AEST

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Priority response jobs on service dashboard

Now jobs that are assigned response times appear on a new tab, Priority Responses, on the service dashboard. This makes it easier to identify the jobs that need to be responded to urgently without having to search and navigate through simPRO.

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Asset Labour Planning Report

This report is specifically designed for the Maintenance Planner users to be able to forecast the required labour in advance and determine how much time or effort is required to test assets. This report provides a simple breakdown of the amount of time that may be required to test the customer assets.

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Date and timestamp in text fields

The ability to quickly insert a date and timestamp into text fields in simPRO works as a time saver for customers to keep detailed records of their work and helps locate relevant records in future.

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A screenshot of a the Rexel import in the list.

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  • Find the required work orders easily! Now you can filter the work orders based on the contractors to locate the correct one.


  • Issues with Square accounts in multi-company builds? All fixed now!
  • Trouble with too many assets! We’ve fixed the issue of being unable to assign a large number of assets to a job.
  • Selecting re-use on a PO, regardless of if you cancel or finish, a 'New Purchase Order' tab remained open in the build which led to an internal error when clicked. This issue is now resolved.
  • Can’t use the cost centre filter in the supplier credits table? We’ve managed to fix this issue.
  • The incorrect warning message will no longer pop up when removing a catalogue item, to which stock is assigned, from the Parts and Labour tab. We’ve handled this issue well.
  • Missing cost centre names? We’ve brought them out of hiding to display correctly in the Materials tab of the Project Overview.
  • We’ve made sure that the To Date column now shows the correct amount on the final claim even when the invoice number is edited in Form Builder.
  • Trouble with quote status? The automatic trigger that updates the status when a customer accepts a quote online should behave correctly now!
  • Issues with the ‘A purchase order has been raised to the job’ trigger when creating receipts for assigned POs are now resolved.
  • Sometimes catalogue items did not appear under the parts and labour section of jobs correctly. All fixed now!
  • The Stock Value tab on a Job will no longer show incorrect tax amounts. Now they’re back on track.
  • No more glitches with the security settings! When the security setting for employees was set to archive only (with no create or edit employee) the page wasn’t responding correctly. All fixed.
  • Duplicate Jobs? Creating jobs in the Maintenance Planner would no longer create any duplicate records. We’ve found a fix for this issue.
  • The issues with the status of quotes raised as rectifications for previously failed assets getting incorrectly updated upon creation are now resolved.
  • Company name not displayed correctly on printed version of Annual system condition report? It’s now back on track!

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