What's new in simPRO: from 26 July 2020 AEST


  • Identify archived quotes in reports more quickly by selecting the new ‘A quote has been archived’ trigger for status codes.
  • (UK only) To meet the current requirements of the UK Gas Safe Register and accommodate MOT-style testing, we’ve updated the Gas Safety Certificate template to include an expiry date calculated from the service date and the test date.


  • A recent update to contractor cards was causing the address to be limited to a single line. Now you’ll be able to enter the entire street address.
  • The Job Summary Page was including committed costs in the Actual Cost vs Invoiced Value to Date graph. These costs are now broken down more accurately so you know how much to claim.
  • UK only - The local search in the jobs and quotes list was not searching the site postcode field. All fixed!
  • Moving a lead schedule in Day or Week View was causing the schedule blocks to disappear. We’ve found them, and you can now schedule as normal.
  • Adding fractions of quantities of items in catalogue purchase orders was causing issues. All fixed!
  • The contract profitability report wasn’t showing the right invoiced values. Now you’ll see the right invoice totals.
  • The order of items on Form Builder forms wasn’t the same as the order of items on the job or invoice. Now all your items will be in a consistent order.
  • Quotes submitted from Connect were moving to the completed stage, even though the required mobile status wasn’t selected. Now only the right quotes will end up completed.
  • Job and quote logs weren’t recording emails sent from contractor work orders. Now your logs will be more accurate.
  • US only - Supplier quote forms weren’t formatting part numbers correctly. All fixed!
  • Form Builder forms were not displaying section names with ‘&’ in their name. Now your section names will show up correctly.
  • In BI Reporting, the invoice total column in the contractor invoice table was not including tax. All fixed!
  • Completing a purchase order by removing an item wasn’t triggering the completed status. Now your purchase orders will be completed as they should.
  • The accounting link wasn’t sending over accounting categories for supplier invoices to Xero. Now your accounting categories won’t get lost along the way.
  • The Customer Notes report wasn’t returning any results. Now it’s back up and running!
  • When adding a new line item in a purchase order, the Quantity and Price columns weren't properly aligned. All fixed!
  • Editing a plant item was sometimes creating a duplicate instead of saving changes. Now you won't be seeing double.
  • When inserting a script in a letter form on leads, the insert fields weren't showing up. Now your letter forms will display correctly.

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