What's new in simPRO: from 09 August 2020 AEST

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Sending Finance Charge to QBO

Finance charges on Payments are now sent to QuickBooks Online using the Accounting Link. This provides the ability to associate finance charges to income accounts in QuickBooks Online for better job financial income tracking.

Account fields in BI Reporting

Introducing new account fields in BI Reporting which allows you to report on accounts and account per line in jobs and quotes.

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Order Number in Online Quote Acceptance

Eliminate following up repeatedly with your customers for the order numbers! Now you can get your customers to add the order number at the same time when they sign off on a quote online.

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Quick Add Item field

  • Previously, to add new materials to a quote, job take-off template or recurring invoice you had to navigate to separate tabs. Now, the new Quick Add Item field in the Billable tab helps you add catalogue items, pre-builds and take off templates quickly and easily.
  • This time-saver feature also includes an improvement to the UI of the Catalogue and Pre-builds tab to create items / pre-builds easily.
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A screenshot of a the Rexel import in the list.


  • The issues with turning on Two Factor Authentication for a company in a multi-company build are now fixed.
  • Incorrect back order figures on the Project Overview tab? All fixed!
  • Trouble with job status not triggering properly when converting a quote to a job? Now these automatic triggers will trigger the correct status!
  • You'll no longer face issues when updating sale values of a job and re-invoicing it while another instance of invoice is open in the session. Now you'll see the updates correctly.
  • All issues with descriptions getting updated automatically when creating jobs and when adding new cost centres to projects are fixed.
  • Manual Tax entries gone missing for Supplier Invoices (Vendor Invoices) in the Transactions Awaiting for Export report for US builds in the .csv output file. We've brought them out of hiding now!
  • You'll no longer see incorrect figures on the Income Account Summary report. Now, we've managed to work out the totals correctly.
  • Sometimes posting over Supplier and Contractor Invoices to MYOB didn't populate the business group name. Now your business group names won't get lost along the way.
  • We’ve made sure you don’t see any error messages when processing payment through the online payment link on a website.
  • Assets under control! Now you can monitor every Asset Type using the Defect Report, regardless of what assets are associated with the sites the customer has used.
  • When updating the labour tax rate on the job all items were not getting checked resulting in incorrect tax codes. This inconsistency in tax codes is now fixed.
  • Like using the updated Microsoft Edge? Well, you can now do the online quote acceptance process in this browser too!
  • If you were trying to create Questions in BI Reporting based on Receipts, the wrong prices were being displayed. We've fixed it all!
  • Trying to add support material to pre-builds? Now, we've made the upload option work correctly.
  • Did the pending invoices show a negative value applied equal to the CIS Deduction amount on the invoice? We’ve worked well to make this formula function accurately.
  • We've fixed the issue where some users had to keep logging into the Outlook add-on every time they clicked the Take Action button. Now they should stay logged in!
  • Missing material and labour costs in the take off templates' table? We've brought them out of hiding now to display correctly in the table.
  • Unassigned items were displaying an incorrect text colour in the Project Overview tab. Now the text in the Actuals / Total column in the Materials tab will show the right colour.
  • Multi-company selector showed the company name instead of the company label. All fixed!

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