What's new in simPRO: from 15 November 2020 AEST

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Invoice Due Date

You can now add Invoice Due Date as a field when setting up the email template for sending invoices to your customers.

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A screenshot of the simPRO-formatted catalogues for NZ.

New fields in Form Builder

Now you can have quote and cost centre notes readily available in the Quote Form Builder. We’ve included new fields, Quote Name, Quote Note and Cost Centre Note, in the Form Builder field’s list.

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A screenshot of new fields in Form Builder.

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Automatic triggers for customer portal

Provides you the ability to clearly identify when a quote has been approved or declined by a customer portal user. You can create notifications for a status change from the customer portal actions using these new automatic triggers. The status change from the customer portal will then notify recipients of whether a quote is approved or denied.

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A screenshot of the quote triggers.

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Address autocomplete

AU/NZ/US: This feature improves consistency when entering addresses in the customers, suppliers, sites, employees and contractor cards reducing errors and duplications. You can choose the address from the suggestions listed to ensure that accurate details are printed on forms and used when locating job sites.


  • A warning message is now displayed when multiple users are detected using the Xero accounting link at the same time! So now you'll know if someone else is already sending transactions to Xero and there won't be the risk of duplicating the data.


  • The quote detail form was inserting an extra line / line break after each list item. All fixed!
  • Connect users will no longer face issues while logging in. We figured out the build was timing out due to huge data size and fixed it well.
  • Sometimes adding an existing asset using Connect changed the walk order within the site card. We've sorted this issue now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where clicking overdue invoices on the accounts dashboard opened an irrelevant job instead of opening the recurring invoice.
  • Search results not matching up? Sometimes searching in the catalogue table view showed up unexpected search results. Now they're back on track.
  • The job stage was getting muddled up changing to complete status when you submitted a mobile status. All fixed!
  • The unnecessary page break before the how to pay section on quote PDF forms won't trouble you any more!
  • Deleted customer groups still available to be assigned in the customer card settings? Not any more! We've fixed this issue.
  • Unable to copy jobs? The issue where a white screen was displayed after copying a job is now fixed.
  • All issues related to sending an invoice to QuickBooks are now resolved.
  • Stuck with the issue where customer names do not populate in the suggestions list when sending an SMS? We've fixed it to work correctly now.
  • Values entered into the labour sell prices in the project overview of a quote were misbehaving leading to incorrect calculations. All fixed now!
  • Parts in the picking slip PDF lacked the sorting functionality making it difficult to track and keep a record. We’ve made sure you won't have to deal with this issue any more!
  • We’ve fixed the issues in the jobs table, where jobs with no site contact were displaying the site contact from a job higher up in the table.
  • Is some random code in the Quote - Defect Rectification PDF troubling you when an apostrophe is used in asset notes? We've gotten rid of it now.
  • Sometimes in US builds the Job WIP Report would default to a non-US date format showing irrelevant jobs in the report. All fixed now!
  • You'll no longer face any issues when importing generic supplier invoices.
  • Asset test notes not inheriting the font settings from Form Builder template? Now they’ll display correctly.
  • Attaching a letter form to jobs didn't update the logs as required. Now you'll see the updates in the log correctly.
  • All issues with storage location values not getting updated after the import are now fixed.
  • If some employees weren't assigned cost centres, they were not available to be selected in the Employee filter of the Task Complete report. We've fixed this functionality to work correctly.
  • Trouble with copying take off templates? Now the items in the template copies will not get rearranged and be in their original format.
  • Order Number field shows 'Not Set' if left blank in Form Builder Forms? We've made sure it pulls the correct number or remains blank based on your input.

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