What's new in simPRO: from 29 November 2020 AEST

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Timesheet breakdown for payroll

Save time entering timesheet information into accounting or payroll software, by exporting this data as a CSV directly from simPRO.

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Faster invoice loading

No more long waits when opening up invoices with a lot of cost centres. Fully claimed cost centres are now hidden on big projects, so you can get through your work quicker.

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PPM report improvements

With the new revised Planned Preventative Maintenance report, easily identify which asset types or service levels have not been tested, failed or passed a test. Also, see what assets need to be tested when to create a visual testing plan for your customers. Your customers can now also access this report in the customer portal.

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A screenshot of the programmed preventative maintenance report.


  • Discounts added to jobs in the Job Setup page were not carrying over after clicking Next and creating the job. Now your Job Setup will stick.
  • In the Job WIP report, the Overhead Indirect Cost filter was not working when set to 'Included'. Now your report will work like it’s supposed to.
  • When adding a new item to a catalogue purchase order, the purchase order status was changing to “Pending” if the price of the item is greater than 50% of your approval limit. Now your purchase orders will stay as 'Approved' if the purchase order is within the set approval limit.
  • In table views, the "Unit of measurement" field was not displaying special characters. Now you'll see everything you need to in this field.
  • In the customer portal, if a customer had a foreign currency selected in their settings, the wrong currency was showing when they logged into the customer portal. All fixed!
  • When emailing a lead, selecting 'Email only' or 'Summary to Customer (PDF)' meant you couldn't select any customer contacts. All fixed!
  • The Xero accounting link wasn't letting you disconnect or renew the connection to Xero. Now you can disconnect and reconnect as much as you like.
  • The daily reports were printing data from 2 days ago, instead of printing data from the previous day. All fixed!
  • When running Maintenance Planner for a specific site, sometimes archived customers not associated with the site were showing up. Now, Maintenance Planner will only find active customers associated with sites.
  • The Export option wasn’t appearing even if you had the correct security group permission for exporting pre-builds. Now your security permissions will let you export.
  • Invoices were exporting to QBO Canada with the wrong tax. Now your taxes will be correct.
  • The total column of the Sales Invoice report was incorrectly including the retention in its values next to the retention column. Now your Sales Invoice report will report the right retention.
  • Grouping the Sales Tax Report by invoice was not displaying all invoices if the payment is against multiple invoices. Now you will see all the relevant invoices.
  • In Multi-company, if you weren’t sharing stock you weren’t able to access the stock list in the template company. All fixed!
  • Sometimes the Forms tab was showing up in purchase orders even when locked. All fixed!
  • Sometimes exporting the catalogue when filtering by Lawrence and Hanson was causing problems. All fixed!
  • Scheduled reports were changing criteria when they were being emailed. Now the emails you receive will reflect the set criteria.
  • Sometimes contractors were disappearing from the table view. Now we've found them again!
  • When customers were removed, their associated customer contacts were still showing up in the customer contacts table view. Now you won't have any ghost contacts hanging around.
  • The service dashboard was sometimes not loading. All fixed!
  • Accessing an employee from the Alerts page was taking a long time to open the card file. We've made it a bit speedier for you.
  • In the Project View in the schedule, rearranging employees in employee view was causing the schedule to switch back to Project View. All fixed!
  • When using the DOCX forms in the Forms tab, postal contacts weren't showing up. Now they’ll be back where they belong.
  • In simPOS, the search field was not automatically selected on the main screen, or being automatically selected after adding an item. All fixed!

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