What's new in simPRO: from 13 December 2020 AEST

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Lock Timesheets for payroll

Now you can lock your timesheets for a set time period to ensure correct hours are recorded in the payroll system.

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Automatic payments with Square

Your customers can now set up automatic payments for their recurring invoices if they are already using Square (AU, US, UK and CA only). This improved automation ensures that recurring invoices are paid on time automatically.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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Updates to Day View

Improved user experience when navigating and managing schedules in the Day View. You can now use the new click and drag functionality to quickly locate dates on the calendar spanning over months.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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The standardised Logs tab

The new Logs tab is now available for Customers, Sites, Contacts, Employees, Suppliers and Contractors as a part of our first phase of deployment. The audit log records detailed information about actions taken on each record to provide you with accurate and comprehensive auditing abilities.

NZ only: Automatic syncing for Plumbing World

If you use Plumbing World as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time in simPRO.


  • simPRO-integrated eForm templates were displaying background code when they pulled notes onto the form from the job in simPRO. All fixed!
  • The quote custom fields added to the Form Builder templates were not printing on invoices. Now the fields should cooperate!
  • Archived employees still popping up in the Account Manager column in the customer table view? Now you can get rid of all instances of archived employees.
  • We’ve made sure you don’t see any random invoice numbers not associated with the job in the Claim Breakdown table in the PDF forms.
  • Trouble with merging linked variations? All sorted now!
  • An issue was allowing you to delete cost centres after they’d been invoiced. Now your cost centres are protected from being deleted, without voiding the invoice first.
  • Now the generic catalogue import won't mess up with add on pricing. We've managed to fix the issue for you!
  • We've fixed the issue where the Current Budgets did not include hours from pre-builds in the project overview.
  • The WIP report for jobs will no longer show any archived job. All fixed!
  • Good news for the customer portal users! The maximum attachment size is now 80MB instead of 10MB.
  • Trouble with updating the cost price or sell price of a service fee on a job? It will now correctly change the resource markup and not the material markup.
  • In new jobs, default scripts were not pulled into the job description automatically. We’ve made them work correctly from now on!
  • Sometimes, the Profit/Loss job report displayed a Membership cost centre in the filter even when there were no active memberships. This issue is now fixed!
  • Incorrect retention values on the Invoice Income Summary and Income Account Summary reports? We’ve fixed it all!
  • The Delivery docket PDF form was messing up the Back Order field, populating it incorrectly. Now you’ll see the values correctly.
  • All issues with picking slips combining all line items from different storage devices together under one storage device are now resolved!
  • Custom fields didn’t show up correctly on Quote forms if there was a “:” character at the end of the field name. This issue with the Form Builder templates is now fixed.
  • Sometimes if you marked an attachment private in a Quote Detail form, it was still visible publicly. Now, your private attachments will not be shared with customers.
  • The retention figures were being aggressive and popped up on the contractor invoices even when removed. We’ve calmed them down to behave correctly.
  • Project Managers still receiving Notifications for quotes or jobs even after a new employee is made the Project Manager on those projects? This issue will no longer trouble you.
  • No more confusions with the Last Testing Date on the Certificate of Maintenance Report! We’ve settled the issue now!
  • We’ve sorted the issue that led to messed up text on the Electrical Test Certificate!
  • Now the VEECs will be applied to jobs and quotes only after you select the "What system is being replaced for VEEC credit purposes?" option! All fixed!
  • Deleting a cost centre didn’t let you reassign the description order on it to a new cost centre. We’ve handled this issue well!
  • The issue with catalogue import update Timestamp updating against other suppliers for the same part number is now fixed!
  • If a Maintenance Planner asset did not have a preferred technician for a specific service level, it was picking up a technician of a different service level. This issue is now resolved!
  • Trouble with the Unassigned Stock Report showing parts that are already assigned? All fixed now!
  • Issues with converting quotes for a customer that has "On Stop" and "Order No. Required" selected are now fixed!
  • Report Builder was getting confused between the Entity Type Company and Entity Type Individual! We’ve corrected this issue now!
  • Scheduled Activities not showing up in Report Builder? We’ve brought them back from hiding now!
  • We’ve made sure the Report Builder no longer leaves out the fees from the job subtotals!

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