What's new in simPRO: from 10 January 2021 AEST

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Update recurring job due dates

Use the Recurring Jobs Due report to dynamically and efficiently update the next due date on recurring jobs that have been completed earlier or later than expected.

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A screenshot of the Recurring Jobs Due Report.

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Transfer child assets with parent assets

When transferring assets between sites, you can choose if you want to transfer child assets as well. If you have a lot of assets you need to transfer, save time by transferring parents and children together instead of transferring all the assets individually.

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Contract End Date filter for the Asset Labour Planning report

The new filter in the Asset Labour Planning report helps you to forecast required labour time based on the assets that need testing. Now, if you are confident that a contract is going to be renewed, you can look past the end date when planning labour time.

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A screenshot of the Asset Labour Planning Report.

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New fields and conditional fields for Form Builder

More fields and conditional fields in Form Builder mean that you have even more options when creating quote and invoice templates. Learn more in List of Fields in Form Builder.


  • When you tried importing backdated stock, stock levels were not counted accurately as of the specified date. All fixed!
  • When printing a progress claim for a job with retention, the retention value was incorrect. Now your retention values will make sense on printed forms.
  • When creating a new customer, the address search was not providing a warning when an address was already in use. Now you won't double up on addresses for your customers.
  • In the Xero accounting link, customer invoices were failing to export without an explanation why. All fixed!
  • Sometimes schedule blocks were getting stuck and you couldn't remove them - all fixed!
  • When creating invoices in bulk from the recurring invoices list, sometimes not every selected invoice was created. Now you won’t have any troubles creating invoices.
  • After editing a pre-build on a quote or job, you weren’t able to edit it a second time. Now you can edit pre-builds as much as you like!
  • Renewing a customer contract was causing all recurring invoices to be transferred to transfer to the new contract. Now recurring invoices will remain with the existing contract for accurate record keeping.
  • Sometimes when you approved and saved a purchase order, the Forms tab wasn't appearing. Now the Forms tab will appear when it should.
  • Jobs that were not actually due were showing up in your Alerts. All fixed!
  • Importing stock takes was not creating a new stock take even when there were no errors. Now your imported stock takes will show up.
  • When creating a new catalogue order, the New Item button wasn’t saving the input quantity and the quantity was reverting to 1 when the purchase order was finished. All fixed!
  • On invoice PDF forms, the 'Retention Held' field was incorrect. Now your retention will be correct.
  • Labour one off items were still appearing in a job's required stock. All fixed!
  • You weren’t able to open email attachments through the log in the invoice the email was sent from. All fixed!
  • In BI Reporting, you weren't able to filter Tasks by Assigned Employee. All fixed!
  • The Supplier Back Orders report was showing HTML code in the Receipts column. Now it's back to normal!
  • BI Reporting was not showing all parts in storage devices. All fixed!
  • The Minimum Claim Report on a progress claim was not including contractor labour costs. All fixed!
  • When applying a payment to an invoice, the Archive Job check box was being selected automatically. Now your jobs will only be archived when you select it yourself.
  • In work orders, pricing was sometimes displaying as excluding tax even if you had selected to include tax in your financial defaults. All fixed!
  • When scheduling a job from Day View, the job was not loading one off items, throwing off your actual costs. Now your one off items will be included as they should be.

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