What's new in simPRO: from 24 January 2021 AEST

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BI Reporting Updates

Now you can access contacts’ information when using BI Reporting. Additionally, new tables in BI Reporting will make it easier for you to report on non-billable items and view mobile statuses. Also, the new job card test readings table displays asset test readings, failure points and recommendations.

  • You can also filter and report on more data using new table fields:
  • Contact ID on Tasks, Leads, Quotes Jobs and Contacts
  • Customer Tags on the Customer table
  • Lead Name on the Lead Table
  • Plant Name and ID to the Schedules Data table
  • Actual Labour Committed Costs to Jobs and Job Cost Centre tables.

Enhanced PPM

You can now filter the PPM report results to include or exclude tests due after the expiry date of the Maintenance Contract. Use this filter to ensure the results display assets on your current or expired contracts that are due to be tested.

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A screenshot of the Asset Labour Planning Report.

Certificate of Maintenance Setup Page

Originally designed for the fire industry, the Certificate of Maintenance form only printed legal declarations and information about fire safety requirements. Now you can use the Forms Setup page to enter your own introductions and declarations in line with your industry safety requirements. This broadens the usage of the Certificate of Maintenance form across a wide range of businesses.

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A screenshot of the Asset Labour Planning Report.


  • You can now add the Nigerian Naira to your simPRO builds and assign this to customers, suppliers and contractors.
  • Job / quote name gone missing in the Asset History? We’ve got them back in place now.
  • On the Forms tab in leads, when selecting the Lead - Summary to Salesperson (PDF) form, the Salesperson was not automatically populating in the “To” field. All fixed now!
  • When invoicing multiple jobs for the same customer (consolidated invoice) at different sites an error popped up if you used prepaid labour for more than one job. We’ve sorted this issue now!
  • We've handled the issue where the GST and total of the voided invoice didn’t match the corresponding figures in the original progress claim.
  • Payments which were exported to Xero could be imported again using the “Retrieve new payments in Xero” option! This issue is now fixed!
  • We’ve resolved the issue where when trying to create a stock PO in Connect, there were no simPRO companies available to select from.
  • The picking slip PDF was all muddled up with no sort or order functionality, now you can order the PDF to put everything in its place.
  • Payments which are exported to Xero can be imported again using the “Retrieve new payments in Xero”
  • You’ll no longer face any issues when the service fee price changes on jobs if the quantity is changed. All fixed now!
  • The Pending Approval Variation got included in the Remaining Claim Balance when using the Form Builder. We’ve fixed it to work correctly now.

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