What's new in simPRO: from 21 February 2021 AEST

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Keyboard shortcuts for saved searches

Quickly and easily execute the first ten saved searches in simPRO using keyboard shortcuts.

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Assign multiple technicians to a job

This feature assures more flexibility allowing you to assign multiple technicians to jobs, quotes, recurring jobs and recurring invoices. Multiple employees can now access and complete jobs according to their own schedules to get the work done on time!


  • Trouble with creating jobs via the Maintenance Planner? It'll no longer just push the service level date ahead, but correct jobs will be created as required.
  • Issues with the expiry date missing on the gas certificate form are now handled well!
  • 'A job has been created' trigger was not activated when you created a job via quote conversion, however it showed the correct job status. All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where pre-builds and catalogue items showed the material and labour cost without adding GST even when using the Inc Tax system.
  • The Runsheets were missing the cost centre notes and descriptions from project jobs when printed. Now you won’t run into any such errors.
  • We’ve fixed the issue where, when a contractor submitted a job card in Connect unassigned the teams in their contractor card.
  • The Transactions Ready For Export Report not printing the ‘Retention held’ from a customer invoice as a separate line? Now they’re back on track.
  • Issues with the Save and Finish functionality on Contractor work orders are now taken care of to operate correctly.
  • Now a pop-up message will notify you that category tracking is enabled, if you are trying to turn on inventory tracking.
  • Discount applied against a quote or job appeared out of alignment within the cost centre and subtotals on forms. Now you won’t have any alignment issues.
  • Alerts for Quotes gone missing on Dashboards? We’ve brought those alerts out of hiding.
  • Inventory one off items marked as billable and included in supplier quotes were not being updated when the quote was applied. We’ve sorted this issue now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where you could move the schedule blocks to employees who do not have that cost centre assigned to them in their Employee card.
  • Notifications set for the first schedule date were sent based on the most recent schedule created on the first schedule date instead of the earliest time on that date. All fixed now!
  • Maintenance Planner showing assets due for a service before the Contract start date? We’ve fixed this functionality to work correctly.
  • Issues with the project tags filter for quotes in the Sales Forecast Report are now fixed!
  • The Total Adjustable Hours in the project overview of a project quote included the labour hours from optional cost centres. All fixed now!
  • The total amount in the outstanding quotes page was not calculating correct figures based on the quote’s value in the customer portal. We’ve made sure now the correct total is calculated!

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