What's new in simPRO: from 7 March 2021 AEST

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Improved bulk labour rate updating

Make sure all of your customers have the right labour rate! When you make an update to a labour rate, you can choose to update that labour rate on only customers who haven’t had the labour rate manually adjusted on their customer card files.

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A screenshot of ta labour rate being edited.

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See How to Create Labour Rates.

Change Import Date for Xero and QuickBooks Payments

When you import payments from Xero or QuickBooks Online for the first time using the accounting link, you can choose to only import payments made after a certain date. Now you’ll get your payments imported speedier, and only the relevant payments you need in simPRO.

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A screenshot of the Change Import Date option in the accounting link.

Reverse Charge Tax (UK Only)

Record and account for reverse charge VAT and be compliant with the change in legislation. Create a reverse charge tax code and apply it to items and labour on a job or a contractor work order, which then displays on the invoice or contractor invoice.

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A screenshot of the Audit forms setup tab in simPRO.

Sort items on purchase orders

Purchase orders are now even easier - if you have a long list of items on a purchase order, you can sort your list by Part Number, Name, Quantity, Price and Total.

Open quotes and jobs in read-only mode

If you only need to view a quote or job, and not edit it, you can open in read-only mode.


  • The “Display Order” field in a catalogue item wasn’t allowing numbers more than 3 digits. All fixed!
  • Trying to save a new contact against an existing contractor wasn’t working. Now you can create new contacts as usual.
  • In the Sales Invoice Report the Reconcile with Xero option was not detecting Xero invoices. Now you can reconcile your invoices.
  • In Multi-company builds, the Technician Activity report was not letting you filter by company. All fixed!
  • The Routine Maintenance Performance report is showing jobs which were not created from the maintenance planner. Now you’ll only see the right jobs.
  • Pasting schedule blocks in Day View using the date selector, was not pasting for the right technician. All fixed!
  • You can now enter up to 10 digits for the sell price of a catalogue item.
  • When opening a plant item in the Week View, a totally unrelated plant item was opening instead. Now you can open the plant items you want.
  • Sometimes sending an invoice to a customer was causing an error. Now your emails will send without any trouble.
  • Exporting suppliers from simPRO to MYOB was clearing the Report Payments to ATO check box. Now your check boxes will stay selected when they should.
  • You weren’t able to use the NS Service Plugin in softphone settings in VOIP. All fixed!
  • In multi-company, contractor invoices are not always created for the same company as the work order. All fixed!
  • Opening an existing stocktake was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Statues weren’t updating when emailing or printing invoice. Now your automatic triggers are working again.

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