What's new in simPRO: from 21 March 2021 AEST


  • We’ve resolved the issue where simPRO Mobile was not showing the scheduled jobs in the Service module for a specific day.
  • NZ only: The Plumbing World supplier invoice import would no longer round up part quantities. We’ve fixed the issue!
  • Contractor work orders were printing $NaN when the “Contractor to supply materials” option was selected. We ensure you will not encounter any such errors now!
  • Does the Nett price discount change to 100% when using the calculator field, making the Nett price $0 when saved? All fixed!
  • We’ve managed to fix the issues encountered when trying to archive 10,000 catalogue items using the Inactive Catalogue Items report!
  • Trouble saving order number in cost centre settings when using recurring invoice templates? All fixed now!
  • The Commission report wasn’t pulling the commissions for payments received when displaying the results. Now, you can rely on the report for correct data.
  • We’ve found a way to make the Maintenance Planner work faster when creating jobs that consist of a huge number of assets!
  • Issues with closing the recurring invoice using the Cancel button? Now, you can completely exit the invoice when you click Cancel.
  • When you exported data from the Contractor Profitability report in a CSV file, only the headers got exported. Now, you can view correct data in the exported file.
  • The Sales Tax Report was displaying the entire invoice amount even for the invoices that have partial payments against it! Now you can be sure that the report data is correct.
  • Issues with appointments created in Google calendar not syncing to simPRO are now fixed.
  • Errors encountered when copying cost centres from one job to another in builds set to Dutch, are now fixed!
  • Unable to add attachments or folders to a specific employee? We’ve made sure you are not bothered by this issue again!
  • We’ve now made BI reporting strong enough to handle a large number of queries involving the contractor invoices.
  • The CIS Monthly Returns Report was printing the Gross Amount excluding any variances on the invoice. Now you will have the correct figures on the report.
  • Employees who had security permissions to create stock purchase orders only could edit and unlock PO's raised for jobs? We’ve now made sure the security permissions work correctly!
  • You won’t lose track of any data in the Asset List Report! It will now filter assets correctly as per the specified filters.
  • Fully invoiced work orders staying marked as Complete? We’ve fixed this so your fully invoiced work orders are moved to the Invoiced tab automatically!
  • Users could import a supplier invoice to create or add more items to a PO assigned to an archived job although the Restrict archived jobs option was enabled. All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where after merging a linked variation into the main job, the linked variation still showed up on the linked variation tab on the job.
  • No results returned when you search a site using the Postal Contact in the global search? We’ve fixed this issue now!