What's new in simPRO: from 5 April 2021 AEST

Reports for reverse charge tax (UK Only)

More transparency for your reverse charge tax codes! With two new reports, you can see exactly how much reverse charge tax is applied to customer invoices and contractor invoices during a specified period.


  • Various improvements to reverse charge tax.
  • Trying to print the System Activity report was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Adding catalogue items with quantities more than 999 in pre-builds was sometimes causing the wrong quantity to be saved. All fixed!
  • Trying to deactivate Rexel automatic catalogue syncing was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Maintenance Planner was creating jobs with no assigned technician even though the customer and / or site had a preferred technician. All fixed!
  • When creating a receipt, the Freight field wasn’t letting you enter a negative value. All fixed!
  • Jobs were being archived automatically when the final invoice was fully paid, even if no automatic trigger was set up. Now your jobs will behave the way you want them to.
  • Invoices created from recurring invoices were not updating the status when the email is sent. All fixed!
  • The Pay Online link in customer statement emails wasn’t working. Now your customers can pay their invoices.
  • Recurring invoices with memberships were not visible to users other than the users that created them. All fixed!
  • One off items in jobs and quotes were not calculating the correct sell price. Now your prices will be right.
  • If you attempted to change the cost centre on a contractor invoice, the invoice would revert back to the default cost centre. All fixed!
  • In a job, Current Budget hours in the project overview was showing zero hours when there was no billable labour line even though there were scheduled hours. All fixed!
  • Sometimes opening a customer, site, supplier, employee, or contractor card was causing an error. All fixed!
  • For commission tiers that were supposed to be triggered when payment is received, the commission was being applied to the job according to the date when the payment was created, ignoring the date specified in the payment. All fixed!
  • Users logged into the customer portal couldn’t download job attachments in bulk as a zip file. Now you can download away!
  • Sometimes you were able to view plant and equipment rates without the correct security group permissions. All fixed!

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