What's new in simPRO: from 18 April 2021 AEST


  • The final progress claim amount was shown incorrect when rounded off. All fixed!
  • We’ve made sure the contract profitability report displays the data correctly and not just blank pages.
  • We’ve fixed the issue where the Sales Forecast report included optional cost centres into the forecasted value.
  • Emailing customers from the Sales Invoices report was messing up the log entries for most of the customers. Now, we’ve ensured that the customers will receive only the correct data.
  • The number field calculator was being a bit defensive and not adding the correct quantity of parts to a purchase order. We've made sure the equations calculate the correct field values!
  • Schedules gone missing on merging cost centres? Now, all your locked schedules will be retained when you merge cost centres.
  • Trouble with pricing in supplier quotes? Now, you won't face any issues when dealing with pricing that is higher than 3 digits.
  • Unable to view the Mobile tab in your simPRO job card even when the “Start Work” option is enabled in simPRO Mobile? All fixed now!
  • The Invoice forms shall now print the correct values in the retention summary for jobs that have sliding retention, instead of $0 in the Retention held field.
  • Does your Square payments processed in simPRO have a one cent difference to the actual square payment? We've handled this issue well!
  • The search filters in the MYOB accounting link are now fixed to load the correct transaction records based on the specified date range.
  • We’ve made sure the Quote acceptance through the customer portal appears as a logged event in the Quote log.
  • When exporting a company customer to Xero, the Primary Person name fields would show blank values in simPRO. All fixed now!
  • We've fixed the issue where an archived cost centre still appeared in the employee's schedule settings.
  • BI Reporting was not calculating the services dates on Plant items correctly. The issue is now fixed!