What's new in simPRO: from 3 May 2021 AEST

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Include or exclude non-billable items in estimate costs

By default, non-billable items are included in the estimated material cost and you can choose to exclude non-billable items from the estimated as required cost.

Create one off items on the Billable Parts and Labour tab

Save even more time by using the Add a Part search field in the Billable tab to quickly create and add new one off items.


  • When you clicked ‘Update Times’ in a warning in a job, incorrect labour times were being added. All fixed!
  • Currency symbols in supplier quote import files were causing problems when updating prices of items. Now your supplier quote import is back to normal!
  • In the Parts & Labour tab in quotes, the sub-total was not equal to the sum of billable items. Now your numbers will add up!
  • Reports were not syncing new data in BI reporting because they were using the wrong date. All fixed!
  • The gas safety certificate was printing the incorrect expiry date. All fixed!
  • AU: Lawrence & Hanson supplier invoices were failing to import automatically. All fixed!
  • Contractor work order costs weren’t all applying in a job’s actual labour costs. Now your labour costs will include all work orders.
  • Trying to import a generic catalogue was sometimes causing an error message. All fixed!
  • The Schedules data table in BI reporting was only displaying quotes and jobs. Now your activities are back where they belong!
  • In the Supplier Back Order Report, when a purchase order had multiple parts that were assigned to different jobs, the wrong job number was displaying against the wrong parts. All fixed!
  • simPRO Mobile statuses were not being submitted correctly. All fixed!
  • After selecting the Square payment method when creating a payment, opening and closing the customer card file afterward, was messing with the customer’s credit card details. All fixed!
  • Sometimes creating a credit note was changing the value of the invoice. All fixed!
  • In the Staff Log report, notes from Connect submissions weren’t being shown with their actual time codes. Now your timeline will be in order.

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