What's new in simPRO: from 30 May 2021 AEST

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Ireland builds

If you’re using simPRO in Ireland, you'll see your build is now localised with Ireland-specific terms.

SCA Compliance

If your business operates in the UK or EU, your online payments from your customers will be SCA compliant.

Admin Adjust Clock On / Clock Off

If clock on / clock off times were recorded incorrectly, a user with admin permissions can log into simPRO and edit the correct time.

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A screenshot of the Calendar View in a timesheet.

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Automatically retrieve payments from Xero

Increase efficiency, by setting up the accounting integration to retrieve payments. Go to the Xero transfer page, and if new payments haven't been retrieved in an hour or longer, they'll be retrieved automatically, making it easier to then transfer payments across to simPRO.

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A screenshot of the Retrieve New Payments button.

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See How to Use the Xero Accounting Link

New Zapier triggers and actions

With this latest update to the Zapier integration, you can now trigger actions when a job, lead, quote or activity is scheduled and also when a schedule is updated. Plus, you can set up a new search action to find a schedule block.


  • Modifying a saved note and trying to save changes was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Customer cards weren’t letting you delete notes. All fixed!
  • Alerts were showing up for due plant items with service dates outside of the system alert time frame. Now you’ll only see relevant alerts.
  • The supplier invoice import for Cooks Plumbing was throwing an error. Now it’s up and running again.
  • Invoice PDF forms were not displaying the correct format in the Retention held amount. Now your retention will display correctly.
  • Removing a purchase order receipt was automatically reassigning materials to stock. All fixed!
  • The paid contractor invoices table view was displaying incorrect prices when no filters were being used. All fixed!
  • When re-using a purchase order, the display order wasn’t being copied across from the previous order. Now the right information will be retained when you copy a purchase order.
  • Exporting a supplier with an invalid or blank ABN was removing the ABN from the relevant supplier card in MYOB. Now your supplier details will stay put.
  • If you use multi-company, releasing a licence to other users when all the licences were in use was not working properly. All fixed!

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