What's new in simPRO: from 27 June 2021 AEST

Display Customisation Info in Builds

Not sure what customisations have been added to your build? Now you can easily find out - just go to System Setup and have a look down the bottom of the page.

Task Template Improvements

Add even more detail when creating your task templates, so that when individual tasks are created you don’t have to go back and fill in the blanks. With the addition of new fields, task templates offer more flexibility and ease of use.

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A screenshot of a task template being created.

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Czech and Croatian Currencies

We’ve added even more currencies! If you do business in Czech Republic or Croatia, you can add those currencies to your catalogue items, customers and suppliers in simPRO.

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See How to Use Currencies

Filter Maintenance Planner By Contract

Search for assets in Maintenance Planner by contract to quickly find assets that need servicing.


  • Total hours were not appearing correctly on the timesheet. Now your hours will add up.
  • When a cost centre in a quote was locked, any one off items in that cost centre weren't showing any markup. All fixed!
  • You weren't able to re-claim a negative amount on a cost centre that had been fully claimed on previous invoices. All fixed!
  • Sometimes retrieving payments from QuickBooks was causing an error. All fixed!
  • When selecting a CIS rate and a CIS amount in the invoice, the totals weren't right. Now your totals will be correct.
  • When editing an existing cheque payment, the cheque number field was missing. Now it's back where it belongs.
  • Applying a credit to an invoice was also adding to the late payment fee. Now your late fees won’t be affected.
  • When you moved a quote to a new stage, the quote log wasn't updating. All fixed!
  • When exporting customers to MYOB AccountRight, the customers had incorrect payment terms. All fixed!
  • When using brackets for negative numbers, you weren’t able to add negative quantities of billable catalogue items. All fixed!
  • When you removed a recurring invoice, this wasn't being recorded in the activity timeline or the log in the recurring invoice template. All fixed!
  • When you exported a customer's list of recurring invoices only some recurring invoices were printed. Now all of the recurring invoices will be included in the export.
  • In invoice PDFs, the remaining balance wasn't correct. Now your numbers will add up!
  • Copying an asset type in System Setup was causing an error. Now you can copy away!
  • In the Project Overview in a job, the Hours in the Actuals to Date weren't correct. All fixed!

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