What's new in simPRO: from 11 July 2021 AEST

Open main job from a variation

Easily access the job that the variation is linked to! Variation quotes/jobs now include a direct link to the original job in the Settings tab.

Get a sneak peek

A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.


  • Trouble fixing the clocked on / off times entered in simPRO Mobile? Now, you can override these and update the timesheets in simPRO. All fixed!
  • Now you can create a large number of jobs from the recurring jobs template without encountering any communication error. We've fixed this issue now!
  • We've resolved the issue where a purchase order created from within a job was assigned a different company ID in a multi-company build.
  • Incorrect calculations on scheduled employee cost? We’ve made sure the cost gets calculated using the current pay rate and employment cost!
  • We've made sure that employees assigned as stakeholders against a task receive all updates made to the tasks.
  • All issues with sorting the part number column when creating or editing a purchase order are now sorted!
  • Incorrect amount, gross profit, and commission amounts on commission report? Now the values in the report will exactly match the amount shown in the job details.
  • Error communicating with simPRO server when creating a credit note and changing the credit amount for some jobs to $0.00? All fixed now!
  • We’ve managed to fix this issue where the currency selector was being a bit defensive and automatically reverting to local currency after you saved a job.
  • The customer archive report was throwing an error when attempting to archive a large number of customers in one go! This issue is now fixed
  • Does the CIS deductions report display £0.00 in the Labour column for all invoices? Now, you can rely on the report for correct data.
  • Sometimes the changes made to labour rates in the System Setup were shown in all customer audit logs although those did not affect the customer's rates. All fixed now!
  • We’ve handled the issue where the QuickBooks initial import created multiple duplicate customers in simPRO.
  • Jobs created via Customer Portal have no assigned technician? We've made sure you are not bothered by this issue again!
  • We've made sure the terms quote and job are not mixed up printing a delivery docket from a quote.
  • We've resolved the issue where the jobs invoiced with request for claims were pulled into the Profit/Loss reports.

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