simPRO 21.3.2

What's new in simPRO: from 25 July 2021 AEST

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Gantt improvements

Gantt charts are easier to use and read than ever before - you can export charts, download charts as images, delete tasks in bulk, view charts in quotes, and view task links!

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Cook's Plumbing Automatic Syncing

If you use Cook’s Plumbing as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time in simPRO.

Amount Due and Claim No. in invoice tables

Quickly see what remains to be paid on invoices and how many claims have been made by adding the Amount Due and Claim No. columns to your invoice tables.


  • Invoice PDFs were showing the wrong claim remaining balance. All fixed!
  • When you added a task template to a job, the tasks weren’t appearing in the order defined in System Setup. Now your tasks will be more orderly!
  • In multi-company, you were able to change companies when setting up a lead even if your build did not share customers. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you were receiving emails about low credit for SMS incorrectly. Now you won’t get any credit limit warnings unless you actually need them.
  • When you added new items to a purchase order and clicked Save, the prices of the items were changing. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to export transactions to Xero because of an error stating that someone else was transferring data. All fixed!
  • The Notes tab in a job did not expand automatically when you created the job from a site. All fixed!
  • Invoice forms were printing the incorrect discount value on the form. Now your discounts will be correct.
  • Jobs weren’t letting you edit contractor cards while you were in them, even if you had the right security permissions. All fixed!
  • Some invoice forms were printing an additional line of tax in the totals, and producing an incorrect tax total on the form. Now your tax totals will be correct.
  • If you had a job open, and merge the customer assigned on the job with another customer, the job ended up with no customer assigned at all. Now your assigned customers won’t get lost.
  • When you added a fixed sell price to a pricing tier in a catalogue item, the fixed sell price is reverting back to the default markup. All fixed!

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