simPRO 21.3.4

What's new in simPRO: from 22 August 2021 AEST

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Canadian Tax Support for QuickBooks Online

Set up single tax codes and combined tax codes so you can export transactions with a range of tax code types to QuickBooks Online.

Learn more in How to Set Up GST/ PST - Canada Only.

Square Payments for Ireland

You can now integrate simPRO with Square Payments in Ireland!

Learn more in About Square Payments.

Reverse Charge VAT for Ireland

If your business operates in Ireland, you can set up, report on and apply reverse charge VAT to contractor invoices and customer invoices.

Learn more in Domestic Reverse Charge Tax - UK and IE Only.


  • A customer editing their preferences in the customer portal was causing their customer card in simPRO to remove their Country. Now your customer cards will stay intact.
  • Locking jobs from cost centre list or quote conversion was always locking items instead of checking your system default configuration. All fixed!
  • When entering claim amounts in a progress claim, after entering a claim percentage and pressing Tab to move to the $ amount column, the $ amount stayed at $0. Now your amount will update when using the Tab key to navigate.
  • Invoices produced from a job, originally created from a recurring job template, had a quote hyperlink. Now they’ll have the right hyperlink so you won’t get confused.
  • Backdating the issue date on your invoices was sometimes messing with the status of invoices and making them overdue. All fixed!
  • In the setup for Job Card Forms, you weren't able to upload any terms and conditions. Now you can set up your job card forms how you like them.
  • The job project overview was displaying the incorrect “paid” amount of an invoice when the invoice was holding retention and had reverse VAT. All fixed!
  • In the Project Overview, the Hours in the Actuals to Date was incorrect. All fixed!
  • Work orders that were mistakenly marked as Complete in the contractor portal could not be moved back to pending in simPRO. Now you'll have control over your work orders again.
  • The Items Sold report was not displaying the correct quantity sold. All fixed!
  • The Sales Invoices report was showing $0.00 when filtered by cost centre. All fixed!
  • Unapproved purchase orders were allowing you to access the Forms tab and email them, even though the purchase order was still pending approval. All fixed!
  • Recurring Invoice templates were not pulling Invoice Scripts from System Setup. Now your scripts will display properly.

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