simPRO 21.3.5

What's new in simPRO: from 05 September 2021 AEST

UK only: Reverse Charge Tax for Form Builder

In addition to PDF templates for forms, now you can customise your Form Builder templates to display reverse charge tax so that your customers and contractors understand their VAT obligations.

Set date issued on invoices created from Recurring Invoices

Save manual inputs and easily forward date customer invoices! Now when creating an invoice from a recurring invoice template, before it’s due date, a pop-up message provides you the option to set the newly created invoice’s issued date to the next due date.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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Bulk unlock cost centres

If your company performs large project work, you no longer have to access each cost centre to unlock it. Instead, you can now select multiple cost centres and unlock all of them in a single go!

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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Overdue and Paid stamps

Add Overdue stamp to standard PDF and also all your Form Builder invoice templates. Additionally, instead of manually indicating whether an invoice is paid on a Form Builder invoice when you are sending it out, you can now use the new fields to have it appear on paid invoice forms automatically.


  • Trouble loading JPG attachments on a job when using Form Builder templates? All fixed now!
  • The Claim to date field in the contract summary on invoice forms shows an incorrect amount? We’ve resolved this issue now!
  • You’ll no longer encounter calculation errors in the projected current budget resources that appear in the job overview. All fixed now!
  • Unable to add some catalogue items to jobs as they are greyed out? Now, you can have all the required items added to your jobs without any errors!
  • We’ve taken care of the issue with exported catalogues, where all the cost and trade prices used their build’s local currency despite the supplier’s pricing being set to use a foreign currency.
  • The issue with deposit invoices, that are partially claimed showing incorrect values for the deposit amount and remaining amount is now fixed.
  • Missing asset test readings on the Form Builder job card template? Now the actual test readings will get printed on the forms.
  • The request for claim was printing an extra line of VAT for £0.00 despite all billable materials and labours in the claimed cost centres using the same tax code. All fixed now!
  • Clicking on the payment link in an invoice PDF was throwing an error when directed to the payment portal. This issue is now resolved.
  • We’ve made sure the trade price in the catalogue table view shows the correct price.
  • The issue where deleting an employee assigned to a task and reassigning it to another employee still retains the earlier employee name in the task table is now resolved!
  • Wrong people able to create retention claims? We’ve made sure only the users with appropriate security permission are able to create them.
  • Incorrect total claimed to date amount on invoices created using Form Builder templates? We’ve made sure the retention is not included and the correct amount is displayed.
  • All issues around exporting a single catalogue group are now resolved.

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