What's new in simPRO: from 19 September 2021 AEST

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Stock Required Report

We’ve made some improvements to the Unassigned Stock Report - the report is now called Stock Required, has additional filters, and you can choose to include open and approved quotes in the report results.

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A screenshot of the Stock Required Report.

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See Stock Required Report

Cumulative total due for selected unpaid invoices

In the Unpaid Invoices table, easily view a sum total of selected unpaid invoices instead of manually calculating the total.

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A screenshot of the cumulative total of multiple unpaid invoices.

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See How to Apply Payment to Invoices

Leads Converted table in BI Reporting

In BI Reporting, generate a Leads Converted to Quote table for increased visibility on what leads are being converted to quotes. Learn more in Fields for Native Query.


  • We’ve removed the Storage Location field from the generic catalogue import as it needs to be imported from Stock Level and location import.
  • We’ve added Tongan Pa'anga (TOP) as a currency.
  • We’ve improved the weather widget so your location is saved and you can more easily view weather forecasts.


  • The supplier invoice import for Go Electrical was throwing an error. Now it’s up and running again.
  • Tasks weren’t letting you change the Start Date to be the same date as the prerequisite task’s completed date. All fixed!
  • In UK builds, you weren’t able to create new leads with the country field left as default. Now you can keep track of your leads again.
  • Rounding issues in UK builds were causing reverse charge VAT to be different to VAT. Now the numbers will match up.
  • Importing a JA Russel catalogue and selecting to update trade prices was overriding existing part numbers. All fixed!
  • In the Lead Activity Report, the Archived Reasons filter was showing up when it should have been disabled. Now you’ll only see the Archived Reasons filter if you select Leads Lost as the report type.
  • In BI reporting, no data was appearing in the Invoice Cost Centres table since May. Now you can find all the data you need.
  • Typing the tax amount in a supplier credit and clicking Save was changing the tax amount to $0.00. All fixed!
  • When editing a team in System Setup, you were able to change assigned zones and assigned cost centres, but not change shift availability. Now your changes will save.
  • When you added a task template to a job, the tasks were not populating with a start date. All fixed!
  • In the Forms tab in a job, you could still select Job Card as a form template even if this form template was disabled in Forms Setup. Now you’ll only see the relevant form templates.
  • In the Contractor Invoices table, the Date Paid was empty even if the invoice was paid. All fixed!

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