simPRO 21.4.1

What's new in simPRO: from 3 October 2021 AEST

Improved notifications

Target specific individuals or groups with your notifications by using additional filters. Also, add more information to your notifications by attaching forms to automate the process of sending out recurring documents, such as job cards, purchase orders and statements.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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Multiple purchase orders

Adding catalogue items from different suppliers to a purchase order now displays a warning message that you are about to create multiple purchase orders. This allows you to amend the order and ensure the same supplier is selected for all items.

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A screenshot of the cumulative total of multiple unpaid invoices.

Pre-Build Favourites

Mark your pre-builds as favourites, so that they are easier to locate when adding them to quotes, jobs, take off templates, recurring invoices, Takeoffs and when searching through materials.

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A screenshot of a pre-build being created.

Import customer contracts

Save time creating and updating customer contracts by importing them in bulk.

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A screenshot of the Customer Contracts Import Settings.

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Export and import customer contracts service levels and rates

If you use Maintenance Planner, save time updating rates and the service levels of assets on customer contracts, by exporting and importing contract service levels and rates.

Import recurring invoices

Save time creating and updating recurring invoices by importing them in bulk.

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A screenshot of the Recurring Invoices Import Settings.

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Customer Portal Scripts

Create scripts for customers to use when they request a quote or book a job in the customer portal, so you can more easily capture the required information from your customers.

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A screenshot of scripts in the Customer Portal.

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Run Duplicate Contact Report using Home Phone

Search your contact database and find duplicate contacts using home phone numbers. This makes it easier to find and consolidate duplicates and improves the quality of your contact database.

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A screenshot of the Duplicate Contacts report.

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Paste plain text mode

Easily paste text in simPRO fields without formatting, so you don’t have to spend time reformatting what you have pasted. In any field that has formatting options, click ‘...’ and then click Paste as text.

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A screenshot of the Paste as text option.


  • Does deleting a storage device create a blank storage device instead of removing it? All fixed now!
  • When adjusting the subtotal in a quote or job, the tax code was not using the customer’s default tax code. This issue is now fixed!
  • We’ve managed to resolve the issue with exporting customer payments to QuickBooks Online. The description will now be correctly exported into the Memo field.
  • We’ve made sure purchase orders which are completely blank and archived will not show up in the Cost Centres > Stock > Orders Assigned.
  • Progress claims in the commission report were pulling the entire job’s net profit - instead of pulling the invoice’s proportionate net profit. All fixed now!
  • When you created an invoice which is withholding retention and changed the rebate to $0, the final invoice would show an incorrect subtotal ex retention amount. Now this amount will show the correct value.
  • Sometimes an automated recurring invoice would create a tax invoice but not email it to the customer, instead the invoice log displayed an error message. You would no longer encounter this issue!
  • Does clicking the hyperlink for a job number in a schedule report generate an error page? All fixed now!
  • We’ve resolved the issue where the ‘Help me decide’ tool pinned an incorrect site in the job schedule page.
  • The issue where activities with no schedule rates were pulled into the MYOB payroll export in the timesheets is now fixed.
  • When importing the supplier contacts, the Contact ID was required even when creating new contacts. Now the import should work correctly!
  • Sometimes when you navigated to the Forms page from the job setup, the Primary Contact field reverted to the customer on the job although there was a Primary Customer Contact specified in the job setup. This issue is now fixed!
  • In the Forms Setup tab, we’ve made sure the text you enter in the general email setup body stays intact when you save your changes.
  • We’ve resolved the issue where the employee table was not consistently printing ‘Takeoffs’ in the licences column.
  • When voiding an invoice with a prepaid labour block was not removing the prepaid hours from the customer card. All fixed now!
  • Few customers were unable to save changes to some information if their customer type was configured to Individual. This issue is now fixed!
  • Incorrect Actual Total Labour amounts in BI reporting? Now all calculations will be up-to-date!

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